New Weather Book

I'd be interested in knowing that as well. I have some images in that too, as does Jim Reed I think(and I'm sure many others). My understanding was it was a small market deal so it would be interesting to know if it is sold in a lot of book stores outside the Quad-city area.

Congrats on the cover Doug!
Haha! That's awesome!! I can't believe I didn't hear about that!

I grew up as a kid watching Swails on TV every night. I rarely missed a newscast. Back before computers and even cable TV, he was one of my few choices for a good forecast. He is one of the most accurate forecasters this area has seen, so it's good to see him write a successful book. I can't wait to pick it up!

Thanks man for the link! :D
I tried to order this book through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. No luck. B&N said no copies were available.

Any other stores that you can order this from?
I'm heading to the Quad Cities tomorrow afternoon at about 4! I'll just be visiting some people I know, but it is interesting this was brought up now. If I notice the book (not likely :)) I'll let you know.

heres a better pic of the book...

I dont have it yet, but was a little disapointed in seeing the table of contents. I guess I thought it was about thunderstorms, and was more of a picture book, rather than stories of certain events.