New sprites captured over Europe

I don't have much time to write here, but this week has yielded some additional observations and recordings of sprites over southern France/Mediterranean Sea. Due to clouds :x , the EuroSprite cameras were not able to cover a whole episode of sprites for a storm. The luck was with Mark Vornhusen, a meteorologist/amateur astronomer/photographer in Switzerland, who has an array of excellent equipment and clear skies :roll: Look here:

Remarkable is that he succeeded for the first time in capturing a sprite with his DSLR, a Nikon D70 at ISO 1600 and 6 sec at f/1.2!!
His videos show a large number, including dancing sprites and even what we strongly suspect is a rare Blue Jet... it rises up in a few frames from lower elevations than the sprites (the latter isn't online I guess - I will ask Mark if he is willing to make a permanent page about his observations)

The EuroSprite catches are here:
Enjoy these wonders of nature :shock:

That is just incredible! :shock: I always thought sprites and blue jets were visible only at high altitudes. These seem to be taken at a ground level, though it may be high ground. Nevertheless, that is some cool s**t! 8)