NEW SPC Mesoanalysis features


Excellent job, SPC. What great additions to add, especially for those of us who are also interested in Winter Weather forecasting (to keep the SDS under control in the cold season). The tabs are easier to navigate as well. Great to see more and more products available for those of us lay forecasters out here. Thanks!
Wow! Definitely a lot better there with some great features! I like seeing the extras for winter weather, heavy rainfall and even the fire weather parameters that have been added. Kudos to the SPC... Always having good improvements.
Very cool indeed!

I am wondering if the "300mb jet circulation", which plots the ageostrophic wind vector, is only the component of the ageo wind associated with quasi-horizontal along-stream acceleration of the wind (e.g. the forcing that leads to transverse circulation within the 4 quads of the model jet streak -- the cross-contour / dV/dn part of the "inertial-advective" term of the ageo wind equation), or if that's the complete ageostrophic wind (meaning it includes other forcings, such as that caused by the curvature term / dV/ds part of the intertial-advective term and the inertial-convective term). Regardless, it's nice to see more excellent maps added!
They are opening ok for me. Like everyone has said, kudos to the SPC for adding great features to their already great analysis site.
Wow great job SPC. I love the new maps. They will definitely be useful, I can't wait to see the next wave of improvements since it seems to keep getting better and better!
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