New NOAA All-Hazards radio station in KCDS

On the morning of December 14, 2006, KJY-97 from Childress at 162.525 MHZ crackled to life. Located on a tall tower just northwest of the city, it's a full thousand watter, and a real fact, this morning it could be heard by NWS staff on a ham radio at WFO Amarillo. If I remember correctly, it will serve around 6 counties around Childress on the Texas side, and 3 on the Oklahoma side. But the new digital transmitter with a high-gain antenna should allow the broadcast to go far. The fact that AMA can hear it at their office proves my theory. :)
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The Childress-Wellington hole has finally been filled. Three cheers for this being a high watt dude too. Shamrock can finally be warned of those softball sized hailbombs and wedges that seem to plague that area when the Texas Panhandle Magic is on !!
Yea, it will serve well for Childress residents when Mother Nature decides to get nasty like it did on May 9th 2006.