Need GRLevel3 Radar Grabs (6/12/05 - TX and 6/16/05 - KS/OK)

Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
I need some GRLevel3 radar grabs for my site, especially for 6/12/05 (TX) and 6/16/05 (KS/OK), does anybody have them? I could also use GRLevel3 grabs for 5/13/05 (TX), 5/17/05 (NE), 6/7/05 (SD) and 6/9/05 (KS)... Please just reply here, or PM me if you have any grabs...
Yeah, your best bet is going to NCDC and getting the data yourself. I personally find the L2 data rendered in GEMPAK with a custom reflectivity bar to be nicer looking - but that would mean reading the user manual :wink: :lol:

EDIT: BTW, I do/did have a script that can be run once you download the tarball. It automatically unzips, decodes, and creates a JPG image for a requested timeframe. Not sure where/what computer it's on, nor the directory. It also requires some decent knowledge of c-shell scripting to generate the config/date files.
LOL Well, how does this sound... I am so bad at computers, that I have a $500 piece of software (GEMPAK) in my basement, and after several weeks of having it -- I still do not know how to use it. I have to wait for somebody whom knows about computers, to come to my house, and get my modem to work with the PC, as it does not indicate a internet connection.
nick I have all of the level 2 and level 3 archived from 5/13.

waht times would you like? I can build you some images.

all are from DYX
Not sure what exact times...

It was that first storm that blew just south of Childress, believe it was around 20Z / 21Z or so... So basically, in the early afternoon. The storm went from south of Childress, all the way southeast to Throckmorton shortly after sunset. So, I guess images starting from 3PM and ending at 7PM would be sweet (it doesn't have to be every scan).
I'll try to get you some select images. you might want to pm me in a few days as i may forget.

I have some cool images at 2343Z at the time that we are observing the tornado near truscott. It is zoomed in a bit but includes street level GIS overlays. It also includes a frame on each side of 2343Z.

I'll pm them to ya.