Feb 29, 2004
Rochester Hills, Michigan, United States of Americ
I have set my server up to generate BUFKIT profiles for the RUC, NAM (ETA), and GFS models. If you like to use this program, but cannot find the files for a station in or around your location, just list the station name(s) in this thread, and I will generate profiles for that location on a regular basis. Please keep in mind, that when I do get the site up and running, to only download what is needed (i.e. don't download the same file a dozen times). My current upload speed is generally in the 800Kbps to 1Mbps range, so that should cover most broadband users.

I am still messing around with the programs and getting them automated, and when everything is setup, I will post a link to the download directory (it will be the static IP address of my NOAA feed/LDM).

If you do not have BUFKIT, but would like to mess around with it, here is the download site: