National SKYWARN Recognition Day start Today

matt mehle

I know there are a lot of HAMs that frequent this forum so don't forget about SKYWARN Recognition Day this year. It starts this evening at 00z and lasts for 24 hours. For those of you who don't know what SKYWARN Recognition Day is visit:

If you are a SKYWARN HAM, thanks for your hard work over the past year.

I read somewhere that this was postponed due to the winter weather conditions across the plains. Maybe it was just in the affected areas.
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It's still on. I'm guessing those NWS offices that are experiencing winter weather may not be able to participate, but otherwise, the event has begun.
We wrapped ours up a couple of hours ago here in Hastings, Ne.
MPX was operating all 24 hours. Good time had by all... I think our final count was somewhere around 40 NWS stations contacted, and lots of others contacts as well.

That is correct. Some stations cancelled their operations this year because of weather. Here in Monterey, we only managed 15 stations. Not to bad considering two rigs and about 4 hams working.