MurphyHP wireless network

Dan Robinson

We were all picking up this WIFI network 'murphyhp' all across the Plains. Does anyone know what this is? We suspected a virus, but most of us, including me, have up-to-date antivirus DAT files.
I've noticed the same thing as well... Scott Eubanks and I had lengthy discussions about this on several of our long trips across the Plains and have concluded that we think it to be something along railroad tracks. Maybe a network used by trains? Not sure how accurate this is, but definately a thought.
murphy hp.. lol im getting that too.Another one that perplexes me was AT_T wireless.. It followed me all over se ks the other day. sometimes not there.. then an hour later its there.. at full strength...??? Im wondering what the hell.. strange..
MurphyHP was showing up in places that you don't normally see WIFI. Like in the middle of nowhere and in small towns with a gas station and five houses. It shows up as a computer-to-computer network. I googled it and didn't find anything on it.

The railroad explanation makes sense. We also thought it might be something on the power grid.
Not sure, but what are the 2WIREXXX (where xxx is random numbers)? I see those all over the plains... typically they are comp-comp or secure.

The MurphyHP may be an electricity coop network. When I am and a few others (JR and Gabe) were near Anthony KS last year looking at damage from 5/12, we picked up an energy coop network wifi AP while in the middle of NOWHERE (nothing but power lines and farm fields). There may also be some APs from railroad companies. In addition, some chaser groups may have a router in their vehicles for data sharing, etc.
I have noticed the MurphyHP ssid as well. It is a peer connection(computer to computer). I noticed it for the first time on the CAPROCK, 12 May 05. I could not figure out what it was and thought that day it was just another chasers computer. I have since seen it pop up again, in Childress, TX and elsewhere. Sure would like to figure out for sure where this ssid is soming from.
Yeah, I have seen it too.

The "MurphyHP" was a GREAT network and nearly EVERYWHERE in the Plains, especially W Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. Someone told me it might be a railroad based network for data-transfer / signal control for train operations or tracks.

Someone also told me some trains (such as Amtrack) offer free internet to travelers, I cannot verify this but I suspect that may be some interface with such a network such as "MurphyHP". I do not know anything more about this network. I saw "Linksys" coming up a lot too as a peer-to-peer network also (MurphyHP was also peer-to-peer).