Mobile Satellite Internet

John Wetter

SN President
Staff member
Dec 11, 2005
Maple Grove, MN
Hello All,

I'm wondering if anyone currently uses MotoSat and what they think of it. I'm strongly considering purchasing the F1 system from them. I talked to a representative for quite some time last year at CES, and it seems like they have a fairly large number of deployed systems for RV'ers and Emergency Management. The rep I talked to thought there were a few chasers using it, but couldn't give me any names.

Currently, for all except their top system (~$34k) you need to be stopped to get data. It takes a couple minutes for it to lock on to the satellite and then you have 700k/down 128k/up. With the way I chase, this is okay for me. I usually do a few stops a day to look at data or to grab satellite images and/or use SwiftWX, or now GRlevel3 to grab radar shots looking for the first storms. Once I'm on a storm, I usually put the data stuff away to focus on the storm. I'm not one for needing to see or wanting to see radar while I'm on the storm. The clouds tell me what I need to know, IMHO.

The standard system costs about $2500-3500. The service is $60-100 depending on how much bandwidth you've got. The best thing about it is that it's available EVERYWHERE in the US, I don't need to worry about whether I've got cell data coverage. I know many here use the WxWorx system, but I am wondering if others are feeling the need for 'real' internet while chasing like I am.

Interested in your thoughts,
I'll be testing a high-gain cell antenna with amplifier this year and can report back if that helps any. It would cost about $300 as compared to thousands for a MotoSat.

Could be a good first step before throwing down a couple grand.

Any idea if MotoSat will let you stop service for 7 months or do you have to pay the minimum monthly all year round?

Seeings how I refuse to buy WxWorx I need a real internet connection :)