Missip 7PMCST Reports Reveal - CATSTROPIC

Dash Hil

From sunherald.com

Familiar landmarks destroyed

At DeBuys Road at U.S. 90., the Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants were obliterated.
In Biloxi at Edgewater Village, most of that shopping strip mall was devastated. The McDonald's is gone, the Village Sports Pub is gone.

The Hard Rock Casino on Casino Row in Biloxi, which was scheduled to open next week, will have to be rebuilt. The superstructure was severely damaged.

There have been reports that there are several casino barges that were pulled out of water and onto land.

Elvis Gates, a State Farm insurance agent in Long Beach, went to downtown to survey damage. He found nothing left. ``Everything south of Second Street is gone. The harbor is gone.''

St. Thomas the Apostlic Catholic Church, which sits on U.S. 90, celebrated its 100th anniversary in August. It is now gone.

When Camille hit in 1969, Long Beach residents were able to hold Mass in St. Thomas School gym. There is nothing left of that but the superstructure.

First Baptist Chruch in Long Beach has been leveled. Other reports indicate that everything south of the tracks received catastrophic damage. Part of U.S. 90 collapsed in front of Edgewater Village.