Mandeville, La

Apr 13, 2005
Jackson, Ms
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Talked to my dad this evening. He made his way from BR to Mandeville. He lives in the Magnolia Ridge Subdivision and made his way all the way to his house. He said that it took him three hours to get from the Covington/Mandeville exit off I-10 to his house. He said that more than half of the big trees are down and most houses have extensive tree damage. Luckily the flooding in the area was minimal due to the North winds. His house came out ok, but he was very lucky. He doesn't think any lives in Mandeville are in jeopardy. Most of the houses on his street are completely destroyed. Despite massive destruction it certainly could have been worse for the area.

Please do not attempt to drive back in until you get the OK. He is working in conjunction with the St. Tammany Sheriff's dept. He has a 4x4 chevy 2500 HD truck and several large chainsaws. He was using the chainsaws to cut trees in the road and his winch to clear streets. All power, phones and cell towers in the area are out or jammed.
Wow, three hours to get through 10 miles (I think, it's been seven years since we last made that drive). I hope people are reading the information coming out and don't come back too early, as it will complicate things even further.