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Yeah, I saw this on Slashdot and on hack a day... it's pretty interesting, but it's no more than a fancy case mod for a PC running that software. It looks like this auction just comes with the Storm Predator software (which looks faily impressive, I must say) and directions for building it. You still have to supply your own PC and display.
I use Storm Predator, I think it's an OK software but no more! If it would sell for 10 or 15$ it would be OK.

Your much better to invest 80$ in GRLevel3
The project itself can be found here: http://www.myradarproject.com/

An interesting project, however even the author states that he was strongly motivated by nostalgia in his design. I'm not entirely sure what he has against a square display; the older PPI (round displays) were that shape due to design restraints more than anything.

The same functionality is found by running a laptop with the appropriate software/hardware combo.

The article is a good read however, particularly for people interested in custom PC's. I'm working on a custom PC unit for automotive use; some of the pitfalls and tips from this article definitely apply.