Magazine looking for Oklahoma weather photos

Below is a copy of an email received today soliciting Oklahoma weather photos for a well known magazine. I know many of you have worthy photos so this might be a way to get some name exposure and make a few bucks at the same time.

Dear Photographers,

Oklahoma Today is requesting photography submissions for our May-June 2005, single-subject issue devoted exclusively to weather. We are the official state magazine (for nearly fifty years), and we are published bimonthly. I am excited to see images from your stock collections.

We are looking for photographs of all types of weather including: tornadoes, rain storms, hail, lightning, ice storms, snow, cloud formations, and beautiful skies and sunsets. We want this issue not only to reflect severe weather, but also the weather seasons of Oklahoma. All images must be from Oklahoma; we are not interested in anything out of the state.

For quality reproduction of images, Oklahoma Today needs images to be submitted in specific formats. Transparencies produce the sharpest and most colorful images in the magazine. We also accept 35mm slides and prints no larger than 8x10. For digital submissions, we ask that you burn them to a CD and provide quality thumbnails or prints of the images with file name identifiers. Thumbnails help us to quickly select images and increase your chance of being published. We require that all digital images be original (no scans) and be 300 dpi or over. We accept various file formats including jpeg and tiffs. A good rule of thumb for digital images: the larger the file, the better it will reproduce in the magazine.

We do not accept digitally enhanced images. We prefer them to be raw, with minimal color editing and no cropping. For example, we do not want a tornado cut from one photograph and pasted in another.

Please provide caption information with all submissions. We need information on the location, year photographed, and identifications of what is photographed. The more detailed, the better. For example, we would like to know that it was an F4 tornado photographed in Oklahoma County in 1997. Please mark all images with the name of the photographer, so we can provide photocredits.

Mail submissions to: Oklahoma Today, c/o Brooke Adcox, 15 N Robinson, Suite 100, Oklahoma City, OK 73102. You can also drop off images to the front desk of our office. We need submissions in by February 16. All images will be logged in, and I will mail you a receipt. We will safely keep the images until early April and return them to you. We pay space rates for images used. Visit for additional photography guidelines.

The more images you can submit, the better! I look forward to seeing all your photographs. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions.

Thank you,

Brooke Adcox
Oklahoma Today
Associate Editor
(405) 521-2496
[email protected]