mag mount antenna suggestions

Apr 13, 2005
Jackson, Ms
I need some suggestions on a mag mount antenna for my scanner. I was using my scanner as a weather radio when I was in the plains last week but couldn't get service anywhere. I don't care how big it has to be just want it to work just about anywhere. Also, I have an in dash Tv and would love to here any suggestions on antenna's for tv reception. I really want to stick to mag mount because I don't want to mess up any of the huge dents that I got in South Plains on my o4 titan.
I know a lot of folks (myself included) use the Radio Shack mag-mount scanner antenna. It works pretty well, but keep it on a very short leash since the magnet isn't very strong!

I can't help you with the TV antenna suggestion, but I'm looking myself as well. I'd really like if someone can give their take on the oval vs. boomerang vs. vertical antenna deal. All three can be found for mobile mounting, but I have yet to read a review comparing the three different types (or even two of the types). The boomerang-style antennas (limo-style) are directional, while the vertical and oval style are not. Beyond that, however, I haven't read much about the pros/cons of each.
I just picked up a Concorde Mobile TV Antenna today, it is a boomerang style, this one is an amplified model so I will need run power for it. This one can be painted so to match the color of the car, once I get it hooked up I will let you know how it works. I ran into some chasers in Woodward OK a few weeks ago and one guy had one and they said it worked well. As for scanners go, the Radio Shack one is about the best, on my old chase car I had a window mount type and it worked good, but when I went to the new car I went with a mag mount just because it was easy, but I cant tell the difference between both as far as reception goes.
I guess radio shack is good for something! Thanks will def. go pick one up.

As far as the tv antenna goes, I have two L shaped plastic flex antennas that have little pads every six inches that came with my TV tuner. The way I installed them was on the top corner of the inside of the windshield and you can hardly see them. The only problem is I only get a good reception parked or driving towards the tower. Please let me know about the Concorde that you purchased. I almost bought one on ebay this morning. Is it the tri directional boomerang?