MADIS in Digital Atmosphere


Oct 2, 2008
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to create a thread in StormTrack in my expereinces with getting the new MADIS public data set working with Digital Atmosphere.

In Digital Atmosphere you have to change the URLs to reflect the new MADIS security that NOAA put in place. The only problem is that Digital Atmosphere won't download the data directly through the Digital Atmosphere program because of an unknown reason.

The solution was to use CURL and then create two scripts. One a command prompt script to download the latest information from MADIS. You can use Task Scheduler to automaticlly run the script to get the latest data for you to ingest into Digital Atmosphere.

The post I am attaching from the Weather Graphics forum includes the batch script (and a link to the CURL program) to use CURL to download the latest MADIS dataset. The second script in the post is for use in Digital Atmosphere to INGEST the data from the download. You can modify this into your own mapping scripts. Just make sure you run the MADIS download script (in good fashion to prevent a lot of load on MADIS servers) before ingesting data on a map to make sure you have the latest data.

The link to the Weather Graphics post is:

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. I might upload the actual scripts to the Digital Atmosphere forum with CURL after I read over the CURL license agreement. I have the orginial Windows binaries and all and if I can I will probably post a compressed ZIP file to the forum (Weather Graphics).

Christopher Zenzel