Lightning Intensity in Hurricanes

Jul 5, 2004
New Jersey
Thunderstorms in hurricanes are obviously the most severe type of thunderstorm around. A couple of questions:

1) How intense is lightning in hurricane thunderstorms?

2) Has a hurricane ever been photographed from space at night, showing the lightning in the clouds?

1.) There is very little lightning in hurricanes. Check out an explanation here:

I believe that you've been misled into believing that "thunderstorms in hurricanes are obviously the most severe type of thunderstorm around," as they are most certainly not. Pound-for-pound, that award certainly would go to supercell thunderstorms, which have the strongest updrafts, produce the most hail and wind for such a small scale feature.

Since I think perhaps you're equating the high wind speeds in hurricanes with severe weather, this is not the case. The extreme wind generated in a hurricane is not a consequence of the storms surrounding the system - the wind is a function of the pressure gradient produced by the system. In contrast, continental thunderstorm's wind is not caused by pressure gradient, but rather inflow/outflow pulling in moisture to the storm, I believe.
Thanks for the responses. :)

It's always a learning experience coming here-which is why I signed up at this board in the first place. :D
We had a few strands of the outer bands of Alex that were pretty amazing. I was surprised at how much lightning and thunder were coming out of those. But since I'm not very well equipped with my camera yet, I'm just starting out with daytime pic's.