Dec 10, 2003
2 block wide breech in levee at 7th and Canal St as of this post. N.O. 80% under water and rising at rate of 1" / 5 min at Tulane hospital downtown, air evacuations under discussion. Twin Spans Bridge completely destroyed.

Is this a new failure or a speading of the original from early Monday?

Edit: Water is lapping at the doors of the Superdome now!

this is not a failure, it is a breech...on other words, the water is up over the levies, not braking through...
You may be right. But when a levee is breeched and water starts to run over it they end up failing. Running water has a lot of force and even a minor breech can lead to complete failure.

Still don't understand why this isn't really being covered that well on the news. Too much stuff going on.

i heard about the breeches this morning on "good morning america", very short coverage tho
Twin spans bridge


Is that the "Twin spans" bridge?

Astounding, if true. New Orleans did not dodge the bullet.
No Wayne, the "twin spans" are the Interstate bridges that cross Lake Pontchartrain...
Now have reports that the CBD and French Quarter are flooding. Heard this from a Louisiana resident, but can't find any hard links.
There is confirmation of the French Quarter flooding on the WWL web site:

Levee breaches are causing rising water in New Orleans. WWL-TV studios are being evacuated due to rising water in the French Quarter. WWL will begin broadcasting from LSU as soon as possible and we will be attempting to stream on the web.

Tuesday, 9:40 a.m.

The Times-Picayune is evacuating it's New Orleans building.

Water continues to rise around our building, as it is throughout the region. We want to evaucate our employees and families while we are still able to safely leave our building.

Our plan is to head across the Mississippi River on the Pontchartrain Expressway to the west bank of New Orleans and Jefferson Parish. From there, we'll try to head to Houma.

Our plan, obviously, is to resume providing news to our readers ASAP. Please refer back to this site for continuing information as soon as we are able to provide it.

from http://www.nola.com/newslogs/breakingtp/
Re: Twin spans bridge

Is that the "Twin spans" bridge?
I believe that is the Mississippi River Bridge, which is I-10 crossing the river on the east side of downtown.
How many breaches?

How many breaches are there? I've seen reports of a breach at '7th and canal', but I'm not sure that's not a garbled version of '17th st. canal'. I've been gone from NO too long to remember if 7th and canal makes any sense as a location.
I've always thought of a breach as a full on rupture.
'Overtopping' or 'spilling over' sound like a more accurate terms for a simple overflow.

Has anyone found pictures of the breaches/overspill?

levee failure

abc news is right now doing a report to the hurricane...they started off with reports that the levee has broken...havent seen any video of it or exactly where....worth tuning in
Re: levee failure

abc news is right now doing a report to the hurricane...they started off with reports that the levee has broken...havent seen any video of it or exactly where....worth tuning in

There have been a couple of levee breaches... More like levees that are being overtopped by water. The Corps of Engineers are dropping 3000lb sandbags on them to help plug iup the holes.
levee failure

i know this morning they used the wording "the levees have been breeched" this report was worded that they have broken...will have to research it furture to see if it was charlie running over the top with his report, or if they really have broken....
I saw pictures...the levees are f'ing broken!

Breeched, broken, missing...all of the above. When levees or damns get overtopped they fail, they aren't designed for that. The power of the water will erode almost anything, especially earthen levees.
I feel that it's going to be hard to plug them up, if not impossible. Anyone know how much water will have to drain into the city before the water stops flowing through? I thought for a while N.O. had survived Katrian without the biblical flood. The biblical flood might be coming despite the direct hit that we all feared not occuring. I hope they can get the thousands of people that are left alive out of the city. Many people are probably still in their attics without a way of being able to get out. :cry: I heard they're having to push bodies aside as they go along to get survivors. Imagine how bad this would have been had Katrina maintained a cat 5 status and hit the city head on :shock: I still fear we are looking at hundreds dead across the region.
The plan was to drop 3,000 pound sandbags into the holes from helicopters. I haven't seen any sign of that yet. That plan is last resort too, don't know if it will work.

Every hour that goes by the holes will get bigger.

A man who knows what he is talking about on WWL says Lake Ponchatrain is 5 feet above normal. He doesn't know why and I sure as hell don't either, but its not helping the situation.
Update: Efforts to fix the breech at the 17th street canal have failed and the pump slowing the filling is about to shutdown. 9 feet of flooding to 3 feet above mean sea level within 15 hours.

Just heard that on WWL-TV at 7:33 PM EST

Edit: This is the breech that is responsible for the flooding downtown.
From WWL Tv: Just heard they were unable to patch the breach in the 17th street canal levee and that will shut the pump down that is pumping water out. This will make water 3 feet above sea level or putting 10' to 15 foot of water across all streets in Jefferson and Orleans parish