Lets try this again, Mammtus clouds in Regina,Saskatchewan

Dec 18, 2003
White Rock, BC, Canada
I tried to reduce the size of the file.
NO such luck! HEH
Tell me what you think about the picture.
Its not the greatest picture.

I don't see any problems with trying to post what you've tried to post.
But if it's image quality and size you're concerned about, you just have to
be careful about reducing the file size. Otherwise you do tend to lose
quality, which I notice in your pic.

Probably the next time you take pics and want to post them here, try going
for a smaller file/pic size in your camera setting.
(assuming you're using a digicam, of course)

You don't even have to use just the HTML code to post images.
Just a BBC code will do. That's
at the other.