Lets see your BEST after dark supercell picture!

Lets see what everyone has to offer for their best after dark supercell picture! This is one of my favorites from March 30, 2006 near Sherman, TX.

I have 3 or 4 pretty good ones, but this is the best one I have. Probably the best storm of 2006 for me.

Looking NW from about 7 miles west of Big Spring, TX on May 4th 2006
My best is probably the same 050510 NE sup that H posted, and naturally his is a better pic, so I offer these for your amusement instead:


That one was the 030628 Liberal KS storm. I was sitting there taking the vid, and the wc was only about a hundred yards from me. I don't normally get so close, but storm motion was WSW, as I remember, and I was positioned ESE from the wc. Anyway, the inflow was rocking the back of my car up and down violently. If it had gotten much stronger, maybe 20kts, it would have just about lifted the rear wheels off the ground.


That one was the somewhat "disputed" 040419 Perryton wedge that David D and I chased. Both of these are vidcaps, and are lightning illuminated, because, well, it was after sunset!


For me it would have to be this picture of the May 28, 2006 supercell coming out of the Badlands of South Dakota. It gave new meaning to the term 'Badlands' when it caught us and rolled over us on I-90!
My humble submission is from Ft Sheridan last july 25, 2005.
Admired and shot over 200 pics that night.
What a show. I was very fortunate to see it.

3/12/06 Saline/Johnson county Missouri. Not a very good picture as my camera was tossed in the mud by the inflow :( , but a day I will never forget. Large Wedge and a second tornado to the east.
Let see who was there May 23, 2002 near Borger, TX.... i think i must have never had gotten that roll developed or i was shooting vhs-c at the time and never captured it.

But i do have these:
May 16, 2002 Southeast of Goodwell, OK up in the panhandle (scanned from 35mm slides, 100 ISO)



Hello, I have a few photographs of afterdark/twilight structure, and I just figured out I had them. I will describe each.


If you look in the center, and to the right of the bolt, you will see the base, coloured a little darker.


A tiny, tiny severe cell with lots of CC action.


An after dark, very late (2:00 AM) and was being illuminated from under the bulge of the shelf cloud.


A severe cell just at the end of twilight, that I had to use a long exposure on in order to capture.


A beautiful grey/white color anvil, with mammatus display in SD right at twilight.
This supercell was too close to me, the top was at the zenith.... so this picture is composed by 5 movie frames.
Jason B, quick question. Are those stars in the upper left hand corner of your picture?

Yes James, they are stars which provided a view that will never be forgotten. That storm produced baseball size hail in Big Spring about 20 minutes after that shot.
from march 12, 2006 in ne oklahoma se of tulsa (storm going a lp to classic transformation - went on to produce the benton co, ark tornado)

and from march 7, 2006 ne of enid, ok
Taken on 6/4/05. Just outside of Nickerson, NE (Dodge Co. NE)
Here is one of my best night supercell pics and it is from a vid cap!!! It is from March 12, 2006. This pic was taken while heading East on Highway 60 past Springfield, MO in SW MO. It is near the town of Fordland, MO.


There is also this vid cap of the same storm with a tornado near Seymour, MO, which is a bit further East past Fordland on Highway 60.


This is a vid cap of the wall cloud of the same storm earlier near Republic, MO.


June 6, 2006 Western Missouri


Fast moving tornado illuminated by lightning. 3/12/06 near Arrow Rock, MO


Scott Blair shooting stills 3/7/06

Scott Currens