Let's list radio stations that stream wx coverage

Last year about this time I started a similar thread, but since that time I've found a new one or two in my area, so I figure creating a new list might yield some new results.

I always like to listen in live whenever possible (especially in outside areas) whenever severe weather outbreaks are in progress. There are quite a few other people who are also this way.

So here's the list of stations in my area that stream severe weather coverage that I'm aware of anyway:

630 AM WLAP in Lexington, KY --> Simulcasts WKYT-TV svr wx coverage

98.1 FM WBUL in Lexington, KY --> Simulcasts WLEX-TV svr wx coverage

840 AM WHAS in Louisville, KY --> Simulcasts WAVE-TV svr coverage

Cincinnati, OH/Northern Kentucky SKYWARN and NOAA WX Radio

Here's some additional links I've found for other areas that might be helpful to you:

Chicago, IL area NWR

Oklahoma City Channel 9 simulcast with Gary England (930 AM simulcast)

1000 AM KTOK OKC (I am pretty sure this is the Rick Mitchell Ch. 5 simulcast)

740 AM KRMG Tulsa, OK

Well, that's all I have to add attm. If anyone can add to this list, I'm sure both I and all the other "cyberchasers" among us will appreciate it. Happy listening!

radio stations with good weather coverage

For Iowa: AM 1040 WHO Desmoines-covers all of Iowa and has excellent weather coverage!
Continous Severe WX Radio Broadcast

I would add: KFDI, 1070 AM, 101.3 FM in the Wichita, KS area. Good ole KFDI has been doing "proprietary" severe weather coverage for 30 years, with its own team of mobile spotters.
Thanks guys!

Verne, I'll definately bookmark that Stream Audio page. I suppose I'll have to wait until an active severe weather episode takes place to find out what stations in what areas provide coverage, as I'm not familiar with most. But usually the talk and major country/rock stations within a city either have their own coverage or use a simulcast with one of the tv stations. So I'll start with those.

Thanks again gang. And feel free to keep making suggestions.

KKOW - Southeast Kansas Area
96.9 FM

KKOW AM - Southeast Kansas Area
860 AM

B-100.7 Southeast Kansas Area
100.7 FM

Those stations are kick a$$! When a tornado warning is issues all 3 stations are broken into with continuously non-stop coverage until the threat is gone and they also have live reports from spotters in the field.
When you post the station - could you post the link to streaming audio as well? Makes it hard to listen otherwise ;>
Originally posted by rdale
When you post the station - could you post the link to streaming audio as well? Makes it hard to listen otherwise ;>

Oh, well I just posted the stations I thought had the best coverage.. guess I jumped the gun not thinking I had to post streaming audio... those stations I posted has none.. oh well.

I was just posting a list of good stations to listen to when storm chasing in the area..
Do we have any Texas streaming stations in the house? I was really hoping there would be some good streams out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Wichita Falls or Amarillo areas.
I saw some station listed from eastern Nebraska but one was missing,

840 AM from Westpoint, NE

while there broadcast range is not that extensive only about 100mi radius they are small enought that when ever there are severe storms in NE or EC Ne they suspend programming and go to continuous storm coverage.
Radio-Locator Website

I realize this is not a particular link to a particular radio station, but you can search radio stations nationwide from this site. Follow the link below. After searching you can access the radio station's website(if they have one), and if they are broadcasting over the internet you can hit the lightning bolt link to listen.

Hopefully this will help everyone out, when trying to find streaming radio stations. Also I'm in the process of making an Excel spreadsheet with chase related radio stations. If the need arises, I can put the file on my website when I'm finished with it.

This is a great thread! Good idea, George!

I have taken my 2004 Rand McNally and written the frequencies of many of these stations over their homes, in big "magic marker" style. A new tool!

850 (AM) KOA in Denver:


You have to register, but it's relatively painless.

They never go live, and reports will be brief, but they cover a broad area that is more regional than local.

770 (AM) KKOB in Albuquerque provides some wx info, too, but since the wx we're chasing is (usually) well east of ABQ, again, they never go live and reports are brief. They have no stream. If you're chasing in E NM, you may do better with TX stations.

Future posters: Please give the cities from which these stations are broadcasting, please, (rather than SE KS, for example), and the broadcast frequency, so I don't have to google it, LOL.

Abilene Texas: ABC Station KTXS has their cut-ins streamed on a local Christian radio station KGNZ. kgnz.com

I'm from Abilene, and when they have weather out there, I'll log on and turn down the sound. When the background noise goes from music to talking, I know they've cut in. KTXS spends an decent amount of time on air during severe weather.

Not sure on the streaming aspect, but another good am station for severe weather coverage tath didn't make the list.

SW Iowa/NW MO: KMA 960 AM, Shenandoah