Let me sell your storm chasing DVDs

Dec 4, 2003
I'd like to sell your storm chasing DVDs on a consignment basis. I've moved the weather videos off the Weather Graphics site (to separate it from my software and out of the catalog, where they were stagnating since this summer) and onto their own website where they can get better treatment. This website has just come online this week, and I will be connecting it to the rest of my Weather Graphics site in a couple of days. Here is how it works. I'm currently selling for Gene Rhoden, Mike Umscheid, Tim Marshall, and others.

If interested, PM or E-mail me. I'd like to carry your videos and get a "one stop" shop going where people can pick up the best-of-the-best. Thanks.

Because of bad wording in my seller letter, I need to clarify that I do not charge any commission or any hidden costs. All I do is pay you the $10-14 per sale and keep anything I earn beyond that as my commission. I only just now caught the error while reviewing the page.

Also I have added a nice cross reference to the end of the weatherdvd.com page, listing all storms on all the tapes by date.