Lenticular clouds east of the Sierra Nevada (pic)

Jeff Wear

Dec 4, 2003
Norman OK
Bill Mudd gave me permission to post this picture he took of a spectacular lenticular cloud on the lee side of the Sierra Nevada......

Nifty! We got some pretty wicked ones here in Colorado, too! I'll have to be more apt about carrying my digital camera around so I can snap away on a few of those!
Those are cool. We get some great spaceships over Mount Washington preceeding storms. I know that lenticulars are not always a sign of a storm, but on MWN they are about 90% of the time.

What's even cooler is when we are in the cap cloud. Sometimes it just a few hundred feet above the observatory and you can see the smooth underside draped over the mountain. Most of the time there is just a thin cap over the summit. Going to the top of our tower can get you above the cloud while the weather room is down in the fog.