LARGE images in the report threads.

Dec 8, 2003
Bridge Creek, OK
First off I am not griping. :wink: :lol:

Mods / Tim,

Is there any way we could get the images in the report section to automatically conform to a standard size? Some of the images in the 3/12/06 Report thread are way too large and it makes everyone have to scroll back and forth in order to read a post. (Again I am not griping just making a suggestion)


Just a couple of thoughts ... I've noticed the same thing - not just in reports threads, but other threads as well. Some php boards will automatically re-size the image within the thread so that it will conform to the forum size and avoid making users scroll to read the text. I wonder if this board might have a setting that would allow this. It would be a lot easier to read - - -

Otherwise, posters should probably re-size their imagery or post links instead - - for a 6.3 megapixel digital image, I normally resize to 15-20% of the original size, then save a web-friendly copy of the image without overwriting the original. It only takes a couple seconds more, but keeps the forum threads cleaner and easier to read.
Posters really need to resize their images before posting. Even if Tim does implement the plug in for resizing the display of the images, they still have that huge file size.

So folks, if your posting images, in ANY thread really, be considerate of those with less that super speedy connections and resize your images down to a managable file size and display size. With good jpg compression, there is no reason to not have a decent quality image over 100k in size on a forum.
I've also noticed this, but I have also noticed (mainly in now threads though) that really really long urls are posted which also causes the screen to stretch out. This "problem" can be solved by using Make a Shorter Link or similar resource.

As for the image issue, the best practice IMHO would be to create a small thumbnail that links to a full high resolution image. That way you get the best of both worlds the thread stays small and loads fast, but other users can view the full detail image if they wish. That should also save on the hoster’s bandwidth as well.
The problem with the PHP automatic scrollbar is that it will nest multiple images into increasingly narrower windows-within-windows.

A safe bet is to keep images below 700 pixels wide.

The forum can also be configured so that the poster's avatar, name, etc is placed on top of the post rather than on the left-hand side, freeing up roughly 100 - 150 pixels of space.