laptop perch holder

I forgot what the name for it . I am looking for used /new info about equipment that laptops can be perched on . The bottom parts go into near the consol in in front of the dash and in between the two seats.

Any ideas what to look for etc.
I need one for my Saturn 4 door

Thanks for you time

Dr.Eric Flescher
They are kind of hard to see in this picture but we ordered two laptop mounts off of ebay: Link to mount


They work decently well, but we added some extra braces onto them to stop the little shaking they had. They are fully adjustable in every which way... And the guy can powder coat them whatever color you want.

Yes Tom the Jotto
Thanks . Forgot the name

Also I saw that there is a pole like rod that can go into the top near the dash so that one can place a camcorder.

Can I make that myself and if so how or where are the directions ?
Or does it pay to buy one if so where?

Thanks for your time and consideration

Dr.Eric Flescher
Yes Tom the Jotto
Thanks . Forgot the name

Tom? Oiy, will it ever end! LOL

I forked out the money for a Jotto Desk and have never been happier. That desk I have successfully used in TWO vehicles, something that a cheapo desk may not allow very easily. The Jotto and its customization are great and I'm very happy with the purchase. It accomodates a passenger easily, and when chasing solo, can move it all over the place without much issue. The drawback, PRICE. They are very pricey, but worth the investment IMO.

Camera mounts; Cruise Cam on the headrest of the passenger seat and a police bracket of sorts suction-cupped to the windshield.
Hank Baker here on the boartd can get the best price possible on the Jotto that I have found.. look him up!