Lap-top "desks" in your vehicles?

Does anyone know of a manufacturer for lap-top "holders" for your vehicle? I know that you can have something installed (like police use) but I was hoping to find something that is a bit more portable. It would be nice to have something you can just put in the back of the vehicle when you are not using the lap-top.

Maybe this isn't what your thinking. However, I have my laptop on my dashboard. I do this using velcro. Hey it's cheap and you still can take your computer out of your car later.
I don't think mine would open on the dashboard. It would hit the windshield. I was thinking something to my lower right hand side - towards the center console.
I built mine using 2 U-bolts a 2' wooden dowel and a piece of plywood.

I mounted the 2 U-bolts on the right side of center console. Then attached the plywood to wooden dowel with a screw and wood glue. I then attacthed 4 pieces of velcro to the plywood and my laptop, viola. I can easily put in and take out the stand by sliding the dowel in and out of the U-bolts. To prevent the dowel from unwanted rotation I sewed a piece of velcro to my car mat and put a piece of velcro on bottom of wooden dowel. Painting the stand black with spray paint finished it up. Total cost ~$10.

Ill try to post some pics if I get a chance.
A second vote for Jotto desks. I have been using mine for a few years now and absolutely love it. I can also easily remove the desktop for storage. The only part I leave is the bracing which is fastened to the seat bolts (no drilling). It took me a whole 15 minutes to install the einrrie thing and can mount and unmount the top in seconds.
Another vote for the Jotto. I have tried several homemade rigs, but I have to say that the Jotto Desk is probably the only practical solution (IE, inexpensive) that works if you use your laptop in the car frequently. It solves a lot of the problems that homemade rigs often present. For instance, you can swivel it out of the way to accomodate a passenger or move it away from the airbags if someone is riding in the passenger seat. You can adjust the height and viewing angles to accomodate different passengers. You can swivel it around to the driver's side whan you're stopped at a WIFI hotspot so you can type easily, then swing it back around to run StreetAtlas GPS as you drive.

The Jotto is around $130 or less on the internet. Really not that bad for what it does.
I use a RAM desk... Very customizeable and eay to take in and out of your car. It's a little more expensive, however. I think this topic has been covered in the past, so try searching the Archives and see what comes up.
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I built my own with plywood and sits in my passenger seat that I can detail if you want.

How much did your desk cost, Tyler? That's pretty interesting.[/b]

About $10 in carpet fabric from AutoZone. ;) I used left over plywood and deck screws to put it together. Add a few more bucks if you want to add the power switches (RatShack) and what not.

What makes it work so well is that the "top" platform wedges between the lid of the power box (when open) and the backrest of the passenger seat. Actually the "box" in the front wasn't intended for power but more for support. Once I realized what I had done I decided to add switches and power relays.

You'll notice a coin box type thing near the seat backrest. It was built to fill the 'depression' of the seat thus making it very stable. The lid of the box (toward the front of the car) keeps anything from slipping forward into the passenger feet area. (like pens or laptop mouse)

It's basically two pieces. I can take some closeup pictures if you want to see some of the details. I can unplug the box from my car battery and then take both pieces and throw them in the back of my car if I want to take a passenger.
I searched and searched for a portable laptop computer desk that I could switch out to another vehicle very easily, since I normally rent vehicles to do my chasing. I finally decided to try the AutoExec FileMaster Mobile Desk. The desk can be secured into the front or rear seat of your vehicle by using the lap portion of the seatbelt. This is one site that sells them
and be sure to do a Google search to do some price comparisons. The above site is not where I bought mine, I just linked it to give you an idea what it looks like. Also they can be bought with many different options, like a built-in power inverter, a no-skid top and a clip board that slides out the side. The one I bought is exactly what I was looking for and it has worked flawlessly. Hope this helps.
I put laptop desks in 2 of my vehicles...
In my van, i just used a plastic milk crate, turned it upside down, screwed a piece of plywood on the top (formerly the bottom of the crate) and stapled a piece of non-slip shelf liner on it. My laptop set at just the right height for me. Also, I used drywall screws at the rear of the box to mount a dc-ac converter. I also have room on the front to mount a scanner and 2 mtr radio.

For my S-10 pick-up, I bought some 1/2 inch pipe and fittings.
I removed the nut from the left front of the passenger seat and mounted a pipe flange, then replaced the nut. I came from there with a VERY short piece of pipe, then a 90 elbow, a 3 inch piece of pipe, another elbow, and a 2 inch peice of pipe. Here I put a union fitting, then a 3 inch piece of pipe, a "T" fitting, a 4 inch piece of pipe, a 90 elbow, a "nipple" and another flange. On the flange, I mounted a piece of plywood and covered it with the non-skid shelf liner.
Also, coming from the "T", I can put another piece of pipe with a pipe cap that I drilled out and put in a bolt to use as a camera mount.
With the union, I can remove most of the assembly and store it in the back until I need it and the only thing left mounted is below the bottom of the seat so it is not in the way for passengers.

It sounds complicated, but it only took about 30 minutes to put together once I figured out the measurements I liked the best. To put it back together and take apart only takes about a minute!!
I know it's been mentioned many times here before, however it might be prudent to remind people of the possible danger that airbags might present to some of these installations. Even if nobody is riding in the passenger seat, consider what might happen to the laptop and mount in the event of a crash.

In most cases a decent position can be found to get around this.