Lack of Texas hurricanes

Is it just me or does the incidence of hurricane landfall in Texas seem to be way, way down in 1990-present as compared to the 1960s and 1970s?

The only hurricanes I can think of are that one that hit Port Lavaca in July 2003, a weak hurricane near Houston around 2002, and Rita (barely if at all).

Meanwhile, Florida, especially the Panama City area, seems to have become the magnet for tropical systems.

You left off Bret 1999, but to answer your question, I'm not sure. My guess is that it takes very special conditions to get a hurricane into Texas. Just like it takes an alignment of the meteorological gods for a hurricane to hit New England. Upper level westerlies are the biggest problem as they want to recurve storms. As you move north recurving tends to be a major issue, and as you move west it becomes an issue.
I think its just a matter of cycles. Here in Florida we went may years after 1966 without a hurricane. Between the years from 1965 and 1992 there was only one major landfalling hurricane in Florida and that was in the panhandle in 1975 "Eloise". From 1970 to 2003 Florida had its quietest period on record from hurricanes at any strength. As everyone knows mother nature made up for that in a big way in 2004 and 2005 with eight hurricanes striking the state. Three were major in 2004 with two in 2005. Texas landfalls are usually more active during years of less than average overall activity.
I decided to look at some of the numbers and tracks for 1990-2005.

Bret was the strongest system:
1200Z 22 Aug 1999 944mb 125kts Cat 4 <--- Max intensity

1800Z 22 Aug 1999 946mb 120kts Cat 4

0000Z 23 Aug 1999 951mb 100kts Cat 3 <--- Close to landfall time

Tropical storms for the period (first occurrence of highest sustained winds, regardless of pressure, is listed - 6-hourly time frames):
1993 - Arlene - 1200Z 19 June 1000mb 35kts

1995 - Dean - 0000Z 31 July 999mb 40kts

1998 - Charley - 0006Z 22 Aug 1002mb 60kts
Frances - 0000Z 11 Sep 994mb 55kts

2001 - Allison (remember all the rain:() - 1800Z 05 June 1002mb 50kts

2002 - Bertha (a TD I think at landfall in Texas) - 0000Z 05 Aug 1008mb 35kts
Fay - 1200Z 06 Sep 1001mb 50kts

2003 - Grace - 1800Z 30 Aug 1009mb 35kts

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