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KMOV sues KSDK over branding for weather alerts

Interesting dispute. I guess severe weather alerts must have some popularity if they are fighting over this. Better than complaints about people's favorite show being disrupted, I guess.

KMOV sues KSDK over branding for weather alerts (stltoday.com)
That's rather amusing. KSDK used "First Alert" back in 2010s for a little bit. KTVI calls their warning map and scroll system "First Storm Alert". Something to be amused by in the coming months. I could probably come up with 5 or 6 different names that KSDK could use. Stormscan 5. Warn5. First Warning. Stormcenter 5. Skywarn 5. Sky Alert 5. The possibilities are endless. Yay for the attorneys. They'll bill some bucks for this silliness
WeatherData Inc. once went after a TV station in Memphis.

They said they wanted a demonstration of our StormVision® system. We sent the equipment down and sent two people to do an in-person demo. They then said they decided they didn't want to purchase it after all. That's fine, that occurs from time to time.

Two weeks later, they debuted -- you guessed it -- StormVision Weather.

Of course, that was huge trademark infringement. It only took one letter from our patent & trademark attorneys to cause it to stop. Given how much they spent on the campaign, it probably would have been less expensive to have purchased the unit so they could use the trademark legally.