KLIX Radar down?

Feb 19, 2005
Macon, MO
Ive noticed that it is now 9:19 pm and the KLIX radar has not updated in 20 minutes. I wonder if the radar is down, or if so many people are wanting the data, it is slowing up the server in Washington DC?
it's down

Last product was 20050829_1400

I was wondering when it was going to go down! That radar location may actually be a little INSIDE the eyewall if the eye wobbles west a tiny bit.
I wonder if it's a loss of power issue or a physical failure ala Del Rio 88d :

(http://www.spc.noaa.gov/coolimg/rmuncher.htm )
If the Slidell NWS office lost their satellite dish, the data would drop out like this. Could by anything from a simple comms problem to total structural failure of the 88D.
I would think that they have a alternate power source, I dont know that for sure. but it might also be a phone line problem also.
I'm not sure if it ties into this, but I'm thinking it's just a comms failure because I'm not getting site-specific warning data either. If it were an 88D physical problem, then I'd think I'd still be getting the warning text out of there, which i cant.
The Lake Charles and Slidell NWS offices, as well as the river forecast center in Slidell, have all lost comms at least temporarily. The Lake Charles, Slidell, Jackson Mississippi, and Columbus Mississippi 88D radars are all not updating as of 15Z. Not good to lose so many data sources at once.
Not good to have no radar, given the potential tornado threat to the area.

I have to say that it's a bit creepy going to my favorite nexrad source and seeing nothing but that same hours-old LIX image, the one showing Katrina's eyewall about to overrun the radar station. Hope they're all right down there.
Honestly I'm surprised at the winds we're getting here in mobile. gusts easily over 100. a few measured by hand held instrumentation. Thankfully we still have comm and so does MOB jsut down the road from me.