Ivan is BACK!

Just shown on a Breaking News item locally. TD Ivan is headed WNW and forecasted to be a TS before landfall.
I knew Ivan wanted to come see me!!!!
I'm glad the NHC named it Ivan since it is the remnants of Hurricane Ivan. It looks like living in Houston may actually pay off thursday night. We'll see...
Does this happen very often with tropical systems? I guess I've never paid much attention to the tropics since I live so far north.
It is rare but it does happen from time to time. Tropical Storm Olaf off the coast of Mexico in 1997 is one....this storm made landfall on the west coast of Mexico on Sep 29 that year....then the remains moved offshore, where it redeveloped into a tropical depression and was renamed Olaf on Oct 5. It slowly moved EAST before the NHC declassified it on Oct 8. Then the remains moved back north towards the coast, where it developed into a depression AGAIN and was renamed Olaf on Oct 11. The track of this storm looks quite strange on a map.....

Not all that uncommon to get storms to reform but usually they make landfall in the Gulf and then reform off the East Coast. It is rare to get a piece to break off the front and then a Ridge to build in and pull it back al lthe way South across into the Gulf again. If that isn't enough it needs to survive that whole time.