IRAQ: Cloudscapes and sunsets (graphic intensive!)

I finally have some pics to post from Iraq. We have spectacular sunsets, and altocumulus fields.








last one is from kuwait

Nothing else like a sunset over razor wire in tent city!

LOL! Actually, that is concertina wire. It's sharper than barbed, but not as sharp as razor wire. It is the default wire barrier for today's military obstcales.

I've moved to a new location with an even better western exposure, I'm waiting on the upcoming January thunderstorms.

I remember having rolls upon rolls of that stuff all over our tracks (M113's). Of course the camo net would get all tangled in it as well as any stubby object (including GI's!). I have a few scars from setting up short perimeters with the concertina.

Although, I have to admit, one of the best photos I ever took was in the Army. We were on our way back from Presido after dropping oof a Vehicle accident patient and a flight of Loach's (LOH, Light observation Helicopters) formed up behind us. It took me hanging out the side with the crewchief hanging on to me and a full roll of film, but I got a sunset with those birds behind us. Absolutely awesome photo.

I'll bet there are some real oppurtunities especially after a dust storm to get some awesome sunset shots. Those that you have are really nice. The desert certainly has a way of showing the sky in ways that most of us never see. You've captured it well!