Introduction and some Pictures

Hi All,

My name is James Langford. I'm a long time lurker, and finally registered for this great site. I live in the North Dallas area, and have been chasing storms for the last 3 years in the Texas area. The thing I love the most about storm chasing is watching and photographing the lightning. I have yet to capture a good tornado. Here's a few pictures I've been lucky to capture. A few were taken with my Sony F707, and a few with my newer Canon 10D:

[Broken External Image]:
[Broken External Image]:

And a few links to some of my favorite captures:

I'm looking forward to participating more in the forum!

James! Welcome to the forum dude! Awesome pictures.. you and I are gonna have to talk about how you did those! :lol: They're great!

Thank you!

Thanks, all, for your welcome. I appreciate it. :D

Tony, any time you want to talk lightning technique, just shoot me an email. I'm game. :wink:
Fantastic pictures. I have always wanted to get pictures like that with the Dallas skyline and lightning.

Good job.
Great work on those shots ... the middle one is outstanding in using a reflective foreground ... I like the lighting on the church in the first link to your favorite captures too.

Welcome to the ride -
Thanks again!

Again, thank you all for your welcome. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming chasing season! :D I also appreciate your comments on my photography.

cedwards, the spot where I like to shoot my Dallas lightning is called Crowe Park. It's right in the middle of the Trinity River Levee, on Sylvan Ave.

Susan, nice to see your reply. I've always enjoyed seeing your work here on Stormtrack. My step brother lives in Phoenix, and hopefully this year during monsoon season my wife and I are going to take a trip there. Mainly to see him, but I just might shoot a little lightning while I'm there. :D