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Most radar programs only have 4 precipitation types.
This radar program has 5 precipitation types.

Most radar programs only have current radar.
This radar program shows current and past radar.
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Help me out here... At $120/yr this is a VERY expensive app. Far more expensive that the current industry leaders. What is the 5th precip type? Most radar programs show loops so that comment doesn't make sense either. I'm all about new radar software but the cryptic post and lack of information is a little strange.
Looks very much like a scam to me. Highly recommend against anyone even trying it.
To the original poster - could you tell us a little more about the product and about yourself/your company? Screenshots of the app? Pros and cons of your software vs what is out there now? You're going to have a tough time with this crowd without providing some more detail about who you are and what your product offers.

A Google search shows this username has posted similar messages on other weather forums - one post, then nothing to answer follow-up questions. That type of marketing strategy isn't going to get you very far in the weather community. It may be premature and unfair for us to make a bad judgement on your product right now, which is why you should take this opportunity to introduce yourself and your product with some more detail. After all, this site is full of your core demographic.
Well done Dan. If it's legit, the person can easily clarify things.

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