Internet from "Above" ??

Dec 24, 2004
Southern Tip of Illinois
Evening all. Was looking at Verizon's "blah" site again. And I really do not want to pay 79.99 a month for 40kbps! Now I was reading in another section of Stromtrack (Chaser Partners or such) about someone who had Satallite internet on board thier vehicle? (Not WX WORX)

Is there anyone out there that might have any info on such a thing?? It would be a VERY valuable tool to have around here. (Poor cellular signal) Appreciate all who reply...
try It also possiable to us directway internet mobile useing the home dish.
This guy likes it, but at $5000 plus $99/mo. it is definitely for those of you with plenty of room for disposal in your disposable incomes! :p

Hmmm. I wonder how nicely that would fit in a grant proposal. :twisted:

Darren Addy
Kearney, NE
Heh -- this just makes me long for the day when internet will be everywhere and I can Google things from my car parked at the edge of the Grand Canyon. I'll probably be old and gray before it happens. :wink:
try It also possiable to us directway internet mobile useing the home dish.

The problem with that is trying to line it up and get a strong enough signal. Other have tried using that type of internet but dumped it due to problems.
I have both the Datastorm F-3 unit and the KVH Tracnet systems. The Datastorm system is much easier to use and there is no cost associated with data transfer. The downside, you have to stop and pull over to launch the dish. Once pulled over, I can usually have broadband speeds within 3-4 minutes... works great !!

The KVH will work in-motion as well as stationary, but it requires the use of sat. phone and/or terrestrial cell phone for two-way ability, and there is a significant cost involved. So, I use the KVH for "emergencies only".

Yes, they're expensive, but there are options available...

There are also some satellite phones that have modem ability, but again, they're VERY costly. You can pick up a Datastorm unit for about $5k.
The F-3 is about $9k installed. I did the install myself, so that saved some money.

One other thing to mention about the Datastorm... I am currently working on a software extrapolation that will take the tuneable transmit/reflect signal strength of the dish and convert that into a very "makeshift" radar. The unit is tuneable from 955MHZ to 1040GHZ.
It's actually worked quite well in determining and recognizing stronger hail cores! :wink:

Still, for simplicity, I just rely on the Wx Worx system for instant radar.

Hope those links help.
yeah a bird will be launched in May that gives us all satellite internet.. youll have it for next year of chasing if everything goes right and prices of course are reasonable.