Interesting Features on Enhanced IR Satellite

Andrew Sorce

I thought this could be an interesting thread on some of the fascinating features you can pick out with IR satellites. The one currently, 12/7/06@2234 on the NWS page shows the midwest snow very nicely, and streamers of multi-lake lake effect snow that are amazing.. You'll come to notice I'm fascinated with lake effect. So check that one out, and post something else if you have it.
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I just logged in and took at screenshot of the 4KM IR with SFC T's overlaid... As usual, you can see some pretty big temperature swings in and near the snowpacked region...

EDIT: Get out your magnifying glass to see my image, LOL... I don't currently have my FTP up and running, so that will have to do - you can still see the snow area pretty good.


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Here's the 1km VIS image... I outlined the areas that are currently covered with snow, stretching from OK into WI, and then the lake effect areas further east. It's really interesting to see how far southeast some of the lake effect bands stretched out from Lake Michigan (from Barrien CO MI to Montgomery CO OH). Judging from the amount of reflectivity over southern Ontario, looks like they have a pretty widespread/solid lake effect snowpack as well.
Very nice picture. The lake effect southeast of Huron on Thursday night was extremely intense according to some local reports and radar data. 40-45dbz returns remained locked over London Ontario for hours at a time, with reports of up to 5inches an hour, so that would vouch for that deep snowpack. During these strong Northwest events, the air that is flowing over PA has been primed from Superior, then the entire fetch of Huron, and lasty it picks up a bit more over Erie so it seems to penetrate extraordinarily deep into the Appalachians, and Southern PA