I recently started to think about what I have seen in some of the storms I've seen and some of the pictures I've looked at, I don't have my own examples of what I am talking about, but rather examples that other storm chasers have taken, and I need some sort of clarification, to this matter. Here are the things I'm talking about.




Do you see how in the center or near the middle of the storm, their is that haze, that either looks like dust blowing, mist, or a rain curtain/wet microburst or dry microburst, inflow/outflow winds? What is that in the center, is is it the storm sucking up inflow or is is blowing outflow, or is it raining? Thanks for any help.
That is just the downdraft of the thunderstrom... with Mike H's pictuures where is sort of a donut like that there is typicall a little weaker flow aloft and at the mid-levels than we need for typical supercells, so the precip falls right back down the center...

In the first picture it looks like the precip is in a more typical location to the right of the base... that seems to be the clear slot/ rfd kicking up some dust... but i could be wrong
Hmm, but what give it that misty look, just perhaps the dust being kicked up, or perhaps, actual precipitation, which, renders a cloudy look?