Impressive cold front 11/30 So. Plns

Did anybody notice the nice fast southward plunge of the present cold front which is about to barrel through OUN this evening?

On Amarillo's radar about half an hour ago it showed this very well, with a VERY fast-moving arched line in clear-air mode south of the radar moving at high speed to the south. This is our next cold front - as it seeps it back much faster southwards over the higher terrain.

On satellite, it was possible to see before the sun went down a corresponding arc of occasional clouds push its way south over the Texas Panhandle.

On surface obs, it was evident that this arc represented the cold front, with all obs north of Lubbock showing strong 25+mph winds out of norhterly compass points.

Quite cool....... 8)

I was out earlier and noticed that the wind was getting very gusty out of the north. I came home and looked on the radar and saw the cold front that Karen mentioned. Here is a radar image in clear air mode if anybody is interested.

What was interesting about this front that we discussed today in our Synoptic class (we've been doing weather briefings this week) is that due to really strong adiabatic warming associated with subsiding air, some of the temperatures BEHIND the cold front in the Oklahoma panhandle were actually warmer than those ahead of the cold front!