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Important Gulf Coast Update from T-Mobile

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BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 2, 2005--T-Mobile USA today issued an update on its efforts to restore its wireless network in the north Gulf Coast areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Following is updated information from T-Mobile as of Sept. 2:

-- More than 80 percent of T-Mobile market coverage is now
operational in the Mobile, Ala. area.

-- More than 40 percent of T-Mobile market coverage is now
operational in the Hattiesburg, Miss. and Mississippi Gulf
Coast areas.

-- Fifty percent of T-Mobile wireless coverage is now operational
in the greater New Orleans area. Downtown New Orleans is still
experiencing limited service, although T-Mobile crews are
making progress in their efforts to restore service as
emergency personnel allow access to some of the hardest hit

-- T-Mobile has mobilized resources from across the country to
support the recovery efforts. Specifically, T-Mobile offices
in Atlanta, Dallas and Houston have sent significant numbers
of engineers and technicians to conduct onsite recovery

-- T-Mobile is employing several hundred generators and dozens of
cells-on-wheels (COWs); and has access to enough fuel to keep
the generators powering cell sites up and running, and to
bring new sites online.


Excellent ... there is some good news and more resources directly to people ... if you think about it ... for those who still have battery power on their cell phones can call up loved ones to let them know they are okay ...

Water and food? Or hearing a familar voice on the other line? Compassionate!
Hey, maybe T-Mobile can donate some phones to FEMA and the President so they can actually COORDINATE this rescue effort.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Slow down there buddy ... your intelligence may burst a brain vessel of some of our leaders. Besides ... at their speed I think rotary phones might be a better suggestion.
How many people there do you think still have charged cellphone batteries? :?
Well... that was constructive. :roll:

So, what's your point?
So, how constructive was this?
It pointed out that getting cell sites working is not the total relief that it would appear to be on the surface. It's great, and I'm glad it is done. But it is of no help to the average guy on the street. If people's phones are dead, the cells aren't doing them any good.

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