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I'm new user!!!! Many compliment's!!! (NOTE: HIGH BANDWIDTH)

Peppe Caridi

Hi to everybody, friends! I am Italian, alive to Reggio Calabria, a town of about 200.000 inhabitants in the South Of Calabria. I live in bank to the Straits Of Messina, a splendid naturalisticamente and paesaggisticamente zone. I have 18 years and means, I study at the University Of Messina in the faculty of Political Sciences, but I am very big keen on meteorology above all. Here in Italy the maggiorparte of the meteo/keens are "dazzled" by the cold and the snow, being plentiful in our mountains, not only the alps but above all the Appennino. Instead, I, have remained charmed in front of the violent phenomena of the atmosphere, the thunderstorms, the storms, the lightnings, the tornados from always ... Here in Italy common people really define the tornado tornados, on the contrary, you must know that many believe, and they are convinced, that between tornado and tornado there are measureless differences and if someone tries to tell him the contrary, they take him for lunatic.
Own a digital fotocamera FujiFilm, the Finepix S5000 with which I am well to hunt thunderstorms, to part my Yashica as analogic car. Here in the South Of Italy the violent phenomena are not at all rare ... in the months in September and December about tens and about tens of stormy storms will be set off, and it is not difficult to nurse marine to violent tornados, above all trumpets about at Sicily. Thought that really in these days a cyclonic whirl positioned on the Mediterranean center/Occidental has recalled heat air masses/damp directly pour Italy from the Sahara, while a powerful anticyclone on the Danubiane areas has sent towards South unsettled and cold air from the Balcani. The thermal fights are intense states, and seen the high temperatures ( Reggio Calabria, thin the other day, had minimum of +16°C and maximum of +20°C ) have set off whirling phenomena a pò around at all Sicily.
Think what populated in a few eastern zones of the island more with the Mediterranean mar, Sicily I sharpen, in the last three days pluviometrici stores superior than the 350 mm of rain have been there. And gone "worse" to Sardinia, beyond 700 mm in the last week, three deaths, floods, mud with destroyed countries, other isolated countries, even one of the beaches incontaminate of the world, in eastern Sardinia, has been carried away and flooded by waters, more it has disappeared for ever. In Sicily they have formed tornado especially in the eastern zone, between Catania, Acireale, Siracusa, Ragusa, and also to the wide one of Agrigento and drills, in the South/Occidental zone of the island. In the maggiorparte of the cases he has happened of sea trumpets. F.Of agate, the wife of the friend of a keen dear my friend darling of mine, he has taken these photographs, looked:
[Broken External Image]:http://forum.meteomediterraneo.it/attachments/thumbs/t_tornado_catania1.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://forum.meteomediterraneo.it/attachments/thumbs/t_tornado_catania2.jpg
Another friend of mine, Catania Valerio, has done these splendid photographies in his town! They are fearful!
[Broken External Image]:http://p3rl1no.altervista.org/ShowLetter.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://p3rl1no.altervista.org/ShowLetter2.jpg
Avant' yesterday also I was struck by a strong thunderstorm which has unloaded 40 mm here to Reggio and has had the temperature lowered up to +12,7°C. Lightnings, hail ... you look at the photographs ... the mammatus are noticed in the sky and also the yellowish atmosphere is noticed, characteristic of ascensional really intense currents!
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/tmp/RC-01.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/tmp/RC-02.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/tmp/RC-03.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/tmp/RC-04.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/tmp/RC-05.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/tmp/RC-06.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/tmp/RC-07.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/tmp/RC-08.jpg
This photography have done it in the afternoon!
[Broken External Image]:http://p3rl1no.altervista.org/WOW.JPG

Now I make to see a pair you of photo taken in the Strait between
Reggio Calabria and Messina (Sicily). Wonderful thunderstorm with
tornado principle!!

[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/27/60.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/27/63.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/27/68.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/27/74.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/27/72.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/27/73.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/27/76.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/27/57.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/27/49.JPG

Now, however, I intend to let you see something serious, always sprung by me. All my friends, familiarmi know me like a "lunatic" but I, when there is air of thunderstorms, am always outside the window, on the balcony or in terrazza. From child, when I was two years old, while my mother was lowering the shutters when there was a thunderstorm, I was also running behind to raise them and see the eheh thunderbolts have always been like that! A night of this autumn, was exactly on October 27, at five o'clock of the morning a very violent thunderstorm has gathered me, I have been able afterwards to take photographs splendid, looked at them here!
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/01.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/02.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/03.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/04.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/05.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/06.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/07.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/08.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/09.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/10.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/11.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/12.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/13.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/14.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/15.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/16.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/25/17.jpg
I tell you one of the most intense nights which I have lived now in my life ... under the meteorological point of view ... I was finding to Ciampino, Rome, in the Lazio, one of the zones, in Italy, more struck by the thunderstorms and the tornados. A very dear Ciampino friend of mine, Roberto Morgantini, also he tornado hunter how I, I has lodged at his home together with Marco and Saverio, other two our friends who respectively live on the Italic Appennino one to the North, another to the South. They prefer the snow to the "dangerous ones" thunderstorms, but I and Roberto we they are taken appresso for two nights up to six of the morning to zonzo between Athens, Civitavecchia, Viterbo and Rome ( in other words all the Lazio, in two nights have done almost 500 km with the car ) ! to hunt of thunderstorms, with the camera ready to do photographs! Also have immortalato a tornado on the Roman castles! The photographs are exceptional!
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/01.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/02.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/03.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/04.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/05.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/06.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/07.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/08.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/09.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/10.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/11.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/12.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/13.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/14.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/15.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/16.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/17.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/18.jpg
[Broken External Image]:http://www.robymeteo.it/reportage/23/19.jpg
For this I define one of the few true tornado hunters in Italy ... I am disposed to everything for the thunderstorms, and also with my car, vecchissima, do kilometers and kilometers every time I know there some splendid image is the immortalare opportunity. I leave you with some other click of the Reggino! Hi to everybody, I will often write in this magnificent forum!
[Broken External Image]:http://www.strettoweb.it/modules/Galleria/gallery/Meteoweb/temporale_di_not.JPG
[Broken External Image]:http://www.strettoweb.it/modules/Galleria/gallery/Meteoweb/temporale_nottur.JPG
[Broken External Image]:http://www.strettoweb.it/modules/Galleria/gallery/Meteoweb/fare_9.JPG
[Broken External Image]:http://www.strettoweb.it/modules/Galleria/gallery/Meteoweb/fare2.JPG
PS ---> the photos are all originate them and natural, at all
ritccate, therefore ?ome were the atmosphere have photographed it
without absolutely to change null by hand!!
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Excuse me ... VERY MUCH! I know English little well, I will try to translate all the regulation soon. Excuse did indeed not want to do an incorrect thing, forgive me! You move the topic in the Weather and Chasing section!
Thank you!!!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

I use FUJUFILM FINEPIX S5000 :wink: :wink: :wink: