Hurricane DVD now 4 sale

Well, for those interested in a good hurricane chase dvd, you can get's dvd now. Tracking The Hurricanes 2004 is $19.95 and includes all the hurricanes that hit the U.S. this season. From Alex to Jeanne. Our team managed to be in the eye or eyewall of every hurricane this season. Below is a link to see a preview and where to buy.



I have finally got round to posting a reveiw of this DVD.
For an alternative fix of severe weather look no further, very well put together and some great light hearted comments in there.
If you don't feel like chasing hurricanes at least this gives you an insight to what happens.
Go for it is my final comment.
I think you should try and sell a copy to the Discovery channel or something, LOL. It looks that good!

Excellent job!
Thanx for the comments guys.. Mark did all the editing and putting everything together. He did the music as well. Anyway, thanx again and look forward to this year coming up. Ready for spring and severe weather..