Hurricane Charley - A Hurricane Chaser's Perspective

Hello chasers...

Want to know what is it like to chase a strong category four (nearly a category five) hurricane?

Ever wonder what 150-MPH-Plus winds feel like on your whole body?

:arrow: Wind gusts over 175-MPH, equivalent to those of a strong F3 tornado!

:arrow: Air moving so fast by you you cannot hear yourself scream.

:arrow: Total devastation of nearly every structure around you.

:arrow: Wind and rain causing a "whiteout" condition filled with debris.

:arrow: The barometer dropping so low, so fast, your ears pop!

Read this compelling story and photo-essay written about the interception of hurricane Charley by six storm chasers in Punta Gorda, Florida on Friday the 13th in August 2004!

:!: Story is at the link below...

Thanks everyone for visiting my link - Christopher Collura - KG4PJN
Wow, that sounds pretty epic. Wish I could have been there.

I was just curious, how did you get your wind speed measurements/estimates?
Hurricane chasing is truely for the hardcore... It's something I am definately interested in getting into... I would obviously start off with the weaker stuff, then work my way up, so I'm not overwhelmed.