Humor: 1-800-xm-radio

Mike Hollingshead

I found this pretty funny and interesting so thought I'd post it. I have been trying to disconnect my xm service and have been unable to get through on the phone. So tonight I try the net approach and have it send me my password. So it does and I try to use what it just sent me to log in with and it says it is invalid. I'm like, you just sent me this! So I try the phone route again and get through right away. They have installed some voice recognition software to run it. It started off with this ad and being impatient(and unaware of this new thing they were using) I said outloud, "I don't care". Right when I said this the female voice stops and says, "You said representative, is that right?". It froze me as I was just whining outloud to what I thought was a machine. I wasn't for sure anymore since it stopped and said that though, lol, so I quickly hungup. So I call back and this time I just cough to see what happens and then it started up. Man, what was so wrong with pressing 1 or 2 for yes or no? This thing is highly annoying. It tells you what to say. I think I'm going to call it back an just mess with it now. So if anyone is bored and interested call 1-800-967-2346(xm-radio). Technology is cool until it becomes freaky and that is a bit freaky.
Sprint/Nextel has the same crap and has for some time now. I hate that thing. I just say, shut up and get me a live person and it says a rep will be right with me. :wink:
What I absolutely love is when you've waited a long time going through several menus. Then you say something, and it replies "So you'd like to change your plan." I yell "NO!" But, it's already down the road to locking you in another year contract (or something) so you hang up quickly to avoid it seizing your firstborn, having wasted plenty of time.