How To Post?

This isn't exactly a complaint regarding changes so I don't think Tim V will mind me bringing this up....

As for Maproom (Previously Target Area) posts, back under the old system it was changed so that we couldn't make replies to other posts of chase accounts under the REPORTS section. Instead we were required to post a comment to TALK to discuss it. However now TALK is also gone right?

It always seemed to me that having to post comments to other chasers about their chase account in another area killed the continuity of the post and often the other chaser would never see the post and if they did see it and replied you might never see their reply. Often when we post accounts of what happened it brings up comments from other chasers or other chasers that were there also might want to discuss the joint experience or something learned from it. Take my long thread on May 12th 2005 for instance where chasers discussed issues of the storm, strategies, structure, results etc. Seems this is the essence of storm discussion forums.

On my May 12th post we were able to do this as a separate thread and it worked (in some ways) at least to discuss one aspect of the chase - monitoring and exit strategy. However I had to post it in Weather and Chasing because it wouldn't fit anywhere else. Does this make sense?

Also I still have a lot of updates from chases (pictures and video) from May 12th as well as June 11th and 12th. Where would these go as they are old events and most people would no longer look or notice them in the offseason in Maproom.

I understand that posting in this way in the REPORTS section can also clutter it up a bit.

Anyway now with TALK gone how and where do we discuss a chase with other chasers and exchange comments of each others experience or shared experience in a way that is concise, flows, and is useful?
Hello?? :? Am I the only person that's noticed this issue. I realize the debate about the changes is raging, but this is about the quality of our posting experience. Does anyone understand what I am talking about? Perhaps I was not clear or need to wait the 2 weeks suggested by Tim? I brought this up with Jeff Snyder once after I was rebuked for posting a reply in the REPORTS section even though others were still doing it. He admitted it is a problem that has been discussed. I am just wondering what is the status of it, and what are the rest of your opinions about the best way to reply to and talk about chase accounts. Do you just post your account and that is it? One post and then no one can reply to you, no conversations or back and forth discourse or what?
Bill, my opinion is this:

The map room is for reports, just as it states. Any other discussions surrounding an event can be discussed in the Weather Lab where discussions are allowed. I think this keeps the Map Room clean, and report threads simply for reports, while still allowing for discussions surrounding an event in its proper area.

If there are questions about someone's chase or details about an event, then the information could be cut and pasted into a discussion thread. If there is concern that someone may not see the questions, someone whose report you have questions for or details, then it would take a simple PM to make them aware.

That's my take on situation anyway. Good question!

Edit: Great example opportunity here.........Jesse Bass just posted a report for a weak, non-rotation wall cloud. If I wanted to start the great debate of whether it is a wall cloud or not if it's not rotating, then I would start a thread in the Weather Lab to spark discussion, link it to that report, and maybe shoot Jesse an e-mail to raise awareness of the discussion. Others could read the report only if they'd like, or they could join the discussion in the other section.

Here's an example: Check out Mulvane day 6-12-04 REPORTS at

Here you can see that people post their accounts but later people make comments and account posters reply in a way that flows along with the excitement of the topic. Everything is there in one spot. No need to look for it somewhere else, and everyone knew where to look in case someone made a comment about their post.

With the current scenario you have to start a separate thread - not even in Maproom - maybe no one sees it or only a few. I think this limits sharing and creativity in some ways. I agree it does keep REPORTS concise.

I would think that since talking about what happened on a particular part of a chase is a large part of what chasers talk about then it should almost be in it's own section - not Maproom, and not Weather and Chasing. I think Mike Umscheid suggested this. You definitely want to keep FORECAST brief for those in the field. I assume this is also the rationale for keeping REPORTS brief so that people could potentially see a little of what is going on while still in the field in low bandwidth.

I'm not sure I really know what the best solution is here, I'm just not convinced I like it the way it is - or even really know how to use the current system properly. Moderator / Administrator ideas & opinions welcome here.
Does everyone agree with Tim's post? Looking over the stormtrack rules and changes it appears that TALK is gone, but as far as I can tell I know longer see the restriction in REPORTS that each person is only able to post once and then edit it for updates. I believe that is the way it was. I think I thought this was still in place because it says every event will only have one thread; however this obviously isn't the same as each chaser can only make one post to REPORTS.

So, if I understand this correctly it looks like it is back to the way it was before last summer, and we can now each chaser can now make multiple post reports and updates about a chase but there can only be one thread about that day. Am I interpreting this correct or did I miss something?