How long has "Weather Plus" been around on the Today show?

Todd Friskey

I have noticed that the Today show uses this service. Does anyone know if this is owned by the NBC network or Accu weather? Every time they show a meteorologist explaining a (severe) weather event he is never looking directly forward into the camera, always setting at an angle. Thank God for the people at the NOAA and the local NWS offices...

Weather Plus is NBC's version of The Weather Channel... I think it started and is primarily a subchannel on the local NBC affiliate's digital channel.
I personally hate it. It is just like TWC. NBC5 in DFW now has gotten a hold of it and they've used that as their weather page on their homepage. Its totally screwed it all up. I used to be able to get all kinds of local weather conditions in and around the metroplex on their homepage but not anymore. Also used to be able to view the daily weathercast as seen on TV.