Home and Mobile weather webcams

Jason A.C. Brock

Anyone know of any sites or have any info on how I would go about hooking an outdoor webcam outside my home to hook into a PC so others could view it as a weather webcam similiar to the tower cams some news stations use? Id also like info on what would be needed (equipment ,servers etc.) to have a cam going hooked to the net so that I could broadcast what I was seeing to a website while I am out in the field.
I know some chasers are doing this but usually when I check out their site its nothing or isnt working so I am curious as to how realistic this idea actually is. It may be something I want to look into once the technology gets a little more upgraded as far as mobile internet etc.
I am surprised at how well the mobile wireless Aircards from Cingular and Verizon work. I think once they up the speed a little and get "true" nationwide coverage software and devices such as WX WORX are going to have to make a big upgrade and lower prices or go out of business. I suppose thats for another thread however.
I'm using a $200 wired Panasonic network camera at my parent's vacation property in Vermont. It took some tweaking to bypass the router firewalls, but it is publicly (password protected if you like) available on the internet. The picture isn't the best, but you can control the pan and tilt, and you can also watch streaming video. Also, with the Panasonic you don't need your own website or a static ip address. Panasonic provides a website that routes directly to your camera even if your IP changes.