HELP! Hail video clip needed!

Hey...I'm giving a few talks on chasing and severe weather to some
community service groups and businesses this spring and and am looking
for some intense hail video to use in my PowerPoint presentation. Only needs to be about 30 seconds max . Being I am not being compensated for any of these presentations, the only thing I can offer in exchange is full credit for the video clip, some plugs for your website, and enough hype on your chasing abilities to make you sound like a god to the audience.

Clip needs to be a .avi or .wmv please. Contact me off list if you
can help.

Thanks in advance.
Thanks to everyone who replied and a HUGE thanks to Mickey Ptak, Steve Miller, and Tony Laubach for use of their video. I'm sure it will make an "impact" lol.
hey bill

Darin Brunin and I have some great hail footage on June 30th 2005 surprise at dusk near Parsons KS. "Surprise tornadic day." We get caught in the core for about 15 minutes with golfball pouring and tennis ball chunks if you need any more video, sure would be glad to help you out. Take care,