Hay Rollers

Apr 11, 2004
Duncan, Oklahoma
Originally posted by Ryan McGinnis
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Seeing the photo that Ryan McGinnis posted for the banner contest, it reminded me of what happened last year in OK on May 29th during the storm that tracked from Thomas to OKC when the inflow was so strong that it rolled several of the round hay bales across the pasture.
I was wondering if anyone had video or pics of "hay rollers" from that storm or any storm?
I haven't seen hay rollers in the inflow but a few years ago a Monsoon storm in Arizona rolled a tractor/trailer rig over and over across a farmer's field SW of Phoenix. It is not unheard of to have wind gusts of 100mph from Monsoon storms.
Bill, I was out of the country when that event occurred and upon my return I remember seeing aerial video that showed the paths the bales had left in the fields. The video was from either KFOR or KWTV in Okahoma City.