Has anyone heard of CoCoRaHS?

Jun 30, 2004
Leadville, CO/ Norman, OK
Has anyone heard about CoCoRaHS? (Community Collaborative Rain and Hail Study) It is just a weather project that I am involved in where volunteers take precip measurements and set out hail pads. Right now it is only in Colorado, but it is expanding to Wyoming and Kansas soon. If you want to take a look at it the web address is www.cocorahs.org. I was just wondering if anyone knew about it.
when i worked as an intern at NCAR I knew several people who participated. Similar goals to the oklahoma mesonet except for the dependency on human reporting. Some areas have quite extensive records!
First glance made me think of breakfast cereal. No, that is CocoRoos. Never knew of this study, thanks for the link Mike!

Is there a study of this nature in my neck of the woods?