Hailstorm In Brisbane Australia May 19th

Jeff Brislane

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We had some non-severe hailstorms over here in Australia last night our time. They are not very common for May as it is the last month of Autumn for us and what made these storms unique was the shear quantity of hail they produced. There was so much hail in some areas that it was like snow! Which is pretty cool for a sub-tropical city like Brisbane. Natually it caused traffic chaos and flooding to large shopping centers due to blocked gutters. I saw hail drifts nearly a meter high in places on our news reports over here and there was still thick hail on the ground this morning after the event.

You can see some of the reports here


Here is an excerpt from aap.

Storm floods ABC, dumps heavy hail
08:33 AEST Fri May 20 2005

Homes were damaged, power supplies cut and buildings at the ABC's Brisbane studios flooded when a torrential downpour hit the city late on Thursday.

The storm struck about 5.30pm AEST, dumping centimetres of hail in and around Brisbane, damaging cars and buildings at the ABC complex, in the inner western suburb of Toowong.

The ABC was unable to put its Queensland news to air and had to take a feed from Sydney.

"We had lots of hail and we had some flooding in some of the rooms," an ABC spokeswoman said.

Some rooms were water damaged and part of a ceiling collapsed in the television building but no-one was injured, she said.

The extent of the damage was still being assessed.

Drivers in Brisbane's inner northern suburbs reported large hailstones centimetres deep, resembling snow.

Vehicles in caryards also suffered damage.

State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers were kept busy with at least 40 call-outs to homes with broken roofs, guttering or windows or trees brought down, an SES spokeswoman said.

Electricity distributor Energex said about 5,000 homes were without power in the suburbs of Annerley, Coorparoo, East Brisbane, Norman Park, Holland Park West, Moorooka, Tarragindi, Chelmer, Graceville, Sunnybank and Sherwood at the height of the storm.

More than 150 lightning strikes were recorded in the Brisbane area.

Energex advised people tempted to clean up storm damage to first ensure live powerlines were not entangled in trees and other debris.

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"They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind." Hosea 8:11
Gosh, stormchasing even back then (715B.C.)!!!
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LOL! I wish I could sow some wind and reap a whirlwind down here atm!!!