Was looking into maybe purchasing, but seemed awfull confusing. Anyone use this program? What all does it do and how does it work, is it worth purchaseing?
let me put it this way, Our school has in in house private sector forecasting company and we use GR level II and III. It's a great program.
An amazing product! Easy to use and Mike is always updated the software - new and improved features are a constant.
He does (assuming you have a dual-boot box with Windows installed on the other partition ;> )

Linux will never match the DirectX level of graphical management.

- Rob
It's a great program - I still have a pre-1.0 version that I never had to register, but ti doesnt have some of the features of the newer versions i.e 4-panel screens, always opens up on Atlanta, etc. The newer versions look really cool and I will likely purchase one for the upcoming season.
GR Level 3 is definately the best! Before GR Level 3, I used Weathertap since I was 16 up until this past winter.. then I was introduced to GR Level 3 and immediately fell in love with it... since then I have cancelled my weathertapp subscription.

It's definatley worth the money.