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Mike Parker

I don't know about the rest of you guys and gals but I am getting some major burn out on all the continual negative news about this disaster. I know that by its very nature a "disaster" is negative and full of bad news. I was just hoping that someone could find some "Good News" to post so that we might counteract the bad.

This may be unrealistic given the circumstances but if anyone can add something I personally would appreciate it.

i.e. The T-mobile thread is an example of good news.
I think the good news, if any, is that Katrina weakened slightly before landfall. If this had been a true Cat. 5, a lot more people (including a few chasers) may have died.

Very good news

I'd heard Plaquemines Parish was underwater completely.

Last night on WWL I saw the Sheriff (?) who said they've got the road clear (and apparently things are drying out) between Belle Chasse and Jesuit Bend:


That's not much on the map, but significant. He said they're working on drying things out (ventilating levees, mainly) between that Bend and the Port Sulphur area.

He also had about 150 heavily armed deputies on the road at the Parish's northern borders. He said: "We're not going to let what's happening in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes happen here."

Works for me...looks like there's some people who plan to stay there. This may be the biggest flood they've seen and there's been (sadly) loss of life, but they've lived through floods before.

Sheppard Smith was just shown walking the French Quarter...if the water was up to a significant level you'd think he wouldn't have that happen. This can't be bad news.

Also, WWL has the mayor of Kenner on and he says that cleanup efforts are going very well for his city. He says: "Kenner is completely dry(!) All main thoroughfares are clean." His main problem, no water, power or food. Says Wal-Mart and Pelican Ice are giving his community residents ice.

More good news.
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